A&E and 999 services are for emergency and life-threatening conditions only.

One in four people who go to A&E could self-care or use other local services. For more information on choosing the right service visit

Make sure you Choose Well.

Get the right treatment for you and help the NHS to manage its resources.

The Care Navigator will make a routine appointment for you if you phone or visit the surgery, and this will be for approximately ten minutes. If you feel you need a longer appointment please ask the Care Navigator. Certain problems can be dealt with by a Nurse rather than a GP – the Care Navigator will be able to advise you.


Please let Reception have your mobile phone number. We will then be able to send you appointment reminders and other information.


We aim to see everybody on the day they phone to request an appointment.


If you think your problem can be dealt with over the phone please ask the Care Navigator.


If you are unable to keep an appointment please let us know so that it can be made available for another patient.  If you are late for your appointment you may be asked to rebook for another time in order to minimise waiting for other patients.  For training purposes telephone calls to and from Reception may be monitored.


We encourage you to come to the Surgery as it is likely that you will be seen quicker. Home visits are restricted to patients who are very ill or infirm and unable to visit the surgery.

In the time taken to do a home visit, approximately four patients can be seen in the Surgery.  Therefore we do ask that our patients only request a home visit when absolutely necessary.

However, if an urgent visit is required, it is advisable to ring the surgery as early as possible in the day to request one. If a home visit is requested, it is likely that the Duty Doctor will call back to make an assessment of the clinical priority for the visit.


Laboratory Results. Ring 01394 278844 (24 hours) after 2pm and speak to care navigator. To protect patient confidentiality, results can only be given to the patient. Please allow seven days for results to be sent to the surgery.

Please note that you cannot ask for test results on behalf of another person (except a minor) unless prior permission from that person has been recorded in our files.  The Care Navigator will not be able to give you the result straight away as results usually have to be assessed and interpreted by a doctor first.


The NHS Cervical Screening Programme makes sure that if you are aged between 25 and 64, you will automatically receive an invitation. After your first cervical screen you will received invitations every three years between the ages of 25 and 49. You will then be invited every five years between the ages of 50 and 64.

Please book an appointment for screening with the Practice Nurse when you receive an invitation letter.


The NHS does not pay for some of the services we provide. These include insurance forms, holiday cancellation forms, medical reports, fitness to travel certificates, private prescriptions and some vaccination services. Our fees for these services, which are in line with BMA approved national guidelines, are available from the surgery. Payment will be required before the work is done.


Some insurance and medical forms can appear deceptively simple but often time is needed to review your whole medical record and ensure even simple forms are completed accurately otherwise they can invalidate any current or future claims that you make. This may mean going back to the old paper records and reading through them for details of consultations, hospital letters and investigation results over the years.

For some forms a full medical examination will be needed before the form can be completed. Examinations of this nature take time and therefore a fee has to be charged. A special appointment will be required and the fee will be payable in advance.

Pre-employment checks are not paid for by the NHS so there will be a charge for this work.


Holiday cancellation insurance does not require a Doctor’s letter. It needs an official claim form obtained from your insurers (part of which you will need to complete). If the Doctor is asked to sign the form, it will be checked and completed as appropriate. There is a fee for this.


The Statutory Sick Pay Manual for employers, [CA30 (PDF) page 16. 6 April 2002] says that employers are ‘entitled to ask for reasonable evidence of incapacity, for example a self-certificate for spells of 4 to 7 days or a doctor’s statement for periods after the first seven days.  You cannot ask for a doctor’s statement for the first 7 days of a spell of sickness.’

The Inland Revenue has produced a form, SC2, for employees to certify themselves as sick for SSP purposes.  This is available from Reception.


What to do in time of Bereavement

If death occurs at home:

  1. Telephone the doctor. He or she will wish to visit to confirm death has taken place.
  2. Contact the funeral director
  3. Collect the doctor’s death certificate from the surgery (you will be told when this will be available for collection)

When death occurs in hospital:

  1. Contact the funeral directors to inform them that their services will be required.
  2. Collect doctor’s certificate from the hospital


  1. Take the death certificate to the Registrar’s office for the area in which the death took place.
  2. Take the green form to the funeral directors. They will take over complete responsibility for arranging the funeral.


You do not have to visit your GP to get an appointment to see the Physiotherapist at Felixstowe General Hospital.

Just visit the website and complete the self-assessment form. A Senior Physiotherapist will contact you by e-mail within three working days.

Please do not go to Felixstowe General Hospital until your form has been processed and a Physiotherapist has contacted you.

We also have a Physiotherapist who works at the Surgery on Thursdays.


We try very hard to ensure that formal complaints are small in number. We would always hope that a chat with the Operations Manager at an early stage will help to resolve serious concerns. The Operations Manager can be contacted directly on 01394 278844.

If however, you feel that you wish to make a formal complaint you can download a Complaints Form, which you should complete in as much detail as possible, print off and send to us for the attention of the Operations Manager. We will then investigate your complaint in detail.

Our complaints policy complies with NHS and National guidelines, and in the event of a complaint that cannot be resolved, we will normally seek to use an Independent Arbitrator prior to any complaint being escalated to a higher level.

Please note that if you are complaining on behalf of another patient who is over the age of 16, then we will need their written permission to respond to the complaint.

Wherever possible, we will aim to acknowledge any complaint within two working days and to respond fully within ten working days.

If you are dissatisfied with the ways in which the practice has dealt with your complaint, you may wish to contact:

NHS Suffolk Patient Advice and Liaison Service
Free Phone: 0800 389 6819
E mail:
The Akenham Suite, The Hub,
Paper Mill Lane, Bramford, IP8 4DW

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